Favorite Essentials by Ellen Set

E966740D-1B49-451D-B9CE-75BDCDD10AA5.pngB28644BC-0F0A-43D0-B360-35F994E4EAFB.png86DDEE96-A520-4070-B39E-51DB570D4B78.png752F75DD-A10E-4E5E-8352-5EE6F4FA74FD.png7C5A2638-A5FC-419A-95C7-404D100BFF62.png670BFFD3-09E0-4647-BFBF-C1ED890DF28E.png36FB2040-56B1-40C5-B1FE-81D9B3A4D258.png5085A483-89EA-4E3D-99B5-CD09E9E45AEE.pngBAB35814-2E22-4527-BC7F-B81BDC11E890.pngEllen Hutson is asking its customers what their favorite Essentials by Ellen set is.  Hands down, my absolute favorite set is Julie Ebersole’s ingenuous “All Inside” with the ever adorable and ridiculously versatile bear!  Just about everyone who is close to me has been the recipient of a card with the said bear prominently displayed!  I was beyond ecstatic when the “Bear Wear” set made its debut.  That just took the bear to a whole new level!  Love this bear, he’s so darn cute!!


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